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June 3, 2011
KolotiBablo TopSpeed software
KolotiBablo TopSpeed software is a tool to increase the speed of captcha kolotibablo.com. With it ,you can use many different KB accounts to work at the same time.And then,you can get more captcha then other people at the same time .You can type in about 1500-2000 captcha per hour if you type fast enough.You can use any account you have, you can add unlimited ids it. and the amount of accounts you use at the same time is not limited. with this new kolotibablo software , your works will be fast speed all day!!!!!
Check Demo in Video

KoloTiBablo Team Software In Just 30$

features are followings.
1. You can add unlimited ids in it.
2. Five time faster then website client.
3. There is no chances of ids banned
5. Software will work faster in both day and night Timing
6. You can authorized unlimited IDs.

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